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Why Quantum Counts

QUANTUM GELATOTM - the world’s first health-focused gelato! QUANTUM is a functional food product that is lactose-free, low in fat and saturated fat, a source of calcium, and contains no added sugars. Unlike most frozen desserts, one serving(150mL) is loaded with 9 grams of fibre and 20 grams of protein, making it a tasty option for increasing these nutrients in the diet. The following summary provides more detailed information about the fibre and protein components of QUANTUM GELATOTM and their potential health benefits.


Canadian adults are advised to consume a minimum of 25g of dietary fibre per day as part of a healthy diet. [1] Fibre provides many health benefi ts including [1]:

  • Promotes digestive health
  • Helps to control blood sugars by slowing down the digestion of carbohydrate-containing foods and lowering their glycemic index
  • Contributes to a sense of fullness and satiety which can help with achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight

QUANTUM GELATOTM contains 9 grams of fibre per 150mL serving (1 container). This is considered by Health Canada to be a very high source of fibre as it provides adults with 36% of the recommended daily amount. Most of the fibre in QUANTUM GELATOTM comes from an ingredient called inulin.


Inulin is a type of fibre found naturally in many common foods such as leeks, artichokes, asparagus, onions, bananas, wheat, and rye. Chicory root also contains a high concentration of inulin and is the source of inulin in some prepared foods, including QUANTUM GELATOTM. In addition to acting as a fibre, inulin is also a beneficial ingredient for the following reasons:

  • It contains very few calories and, due to its creamy texture and sweet taste, can replace fat and sugar in recipes and therefore reduce the fat and sugar content of foods when added.[2]
  • It acts as a prebiotic within the body. As a prebiotic, inulin helps to promote the growth and activity of healthy bacteria within the body (known as probiotics).[3] These healthy probiotic bacteria help to maintain digestive health, alleviate digestive problems, and provide immune support.[3]
  • When added to calcium rich foods such as yogurt, ice cream, and gelato, it can increase the absorption of calcium and therefore enhance bone mineral density.[4]


Protein is essential for life – it is used to make critical body compounds such as hormones, enzymes, and white blood cells; helps to build and repair muscles and bones; forms other structural components of the body such as connective tissue; and facilitates healing of wounds and injuries. Protein is made up of individual “building blocks” called amino acids. Protein requirements for individuals vary based on age, gender, body weight and activity levels.

Whey Protein?

The principal type of protein found in QUANTUM GELATOTM is whey protein. Whey protein is a type of protein found in milk that can be isolated and added to foods or supplements. It is a highly digestible form of protein and is considered to be one of the highest quality proteins available as it contains all essential amino acids, making it a “complete” protein. In addition, compared to other proteins, whey protein provides a higher proportion of essential amino acids.[5]

As well, whey protein is a rich source of specific amino acids that help to preserve muscle mass. Research involving whey protein supplementation has shown it to be effective in enhancing the effects of resistance exercise, particularly when consuming whey protein in the hours surrounding the exercise training.[5] Whey protein consumption, in combination with resistance training, is considered to be a safe and effective strategy for helping adults to build, maintain, and preserve muscle mass.[5,6] Body builders and athletes have long relied on whey protein as a source of high quality protein, to facilitate muscle building and, in combination with carbohydrate, to enhance recovery after strenuous exercise.

In addition to athletes, whey protein can also be beneficial for older adults and seniors as muscle mass naturally decreases over time. In combination with resistance activities, whey protein included as part of a healthy diet may help seniors to maintain muscle mass or prevent muscle loss, allowing them to carry out daily activities more easily. Consuming foods with added protein, such as whey, can be also helpful for seniors who have difficulty meeting their protein needs.

One container of QUANTUM GELATOTM contains a total of 20 grams of protein, of which more than 16 grams is added whey protein. This quantity, along with the high quality of the whey protein, means that Health Canada considers QUANTUM GELATOTM to be high in protein.

Whey Protein Isolate - The purest form of Whey Protein

There are different forms of whey protein available, but QUANTUM GELATOTM uses only the highest quality product called whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate is the purest and most concentrated form of whey protein available as the protein component is isolated from other components, such as fat and sugar.[7] Whey protein isolate contains at least 90% protein by weight and very little (if any) fat and sugar (lactose). Conversely, another form of whey protein called whey protein concentrate may contain much less protein (between 29% and 89%, depending on the product) and higher levels of fat and sugar than would be found in whey protein isolate.[7] By choosing whey protein isolate, QUANTUM GELATOTM ensures its product.


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